FLOCH INTERNATIONAL focuses on facilitating and creating both inbound and outbound investment in China and assists the investment of Chinese strategic investors into well performing companies throughout the world.

The funds we represent have a highly constructive model of strategic investment: win-win partnerships between International groups developing their presence in the high-growth Chinese market and Chinese corporations expanding overseas and looking to find synergies with foreign partners.

We have access to a very wide variety of sectors, technologies, global brands and distribution channels and are capable of securing large scale investments from Chinese State Owned Enterprises, major private corporations and high net worth individuals.

We advise on and provide deals in the following sectors :

  • real estate (commercial, residential, hotels and resorts)
  • finance
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • construction and leasing
  • international trade and transportation
  • vineyards, wineries and luxury brands
  • commodities and mining
  • service sectors (including media, healthcare and tourism)


Jean-Michel Floc’h is an Australian and French businessman & merchant banker based in Beijing with 40 years of experience in banking, venture capital, real estate and business ownership.

His international career spans Asia, Europe, the Middle-East and Australia, but his core focus over the past 10 years has been China, and he currently represents a number of Chinese clients as either principal or business partner. 

Floch International facilitates partnerships, merges & acquisitions, alliances and corporate finance actions and works in conjunction with a network of syndicate partners, EPC contractors, real estate agents, development companies, “HNW” investors, hedge funds, private equity funds, banks and merchant banks in order to make deals happen. 

As we are constantly looking to provide interesting project opportunities to our Chinese and international investors, we wish to form strategic alliances with reputable organizations who seek to be represented by us in order to gain access to these large pools of foreign capital. 

In line with the Chinese government’s stated priorities for 2014, we are currently focused on the following sectors: 

Real estate: land, commercial buildings, hotels, golf courses, luxury real estate

High tech: cutting edge technologies, advanced products, innovative solutions 

Infrastructure: highways, airports, ports and development of future projects

Agriculture: cattle farms, dairy farms, wineries

Natural resources, oil & gas, mining:  pre-operation and/or production projects

Minerals: copper, met coal, bauxite, iron ore, potash, gold

Luxury: real estate, tourism, sport, lifestyle brands

Transparence, trust, integrity and discretion are key to our approach and Mr Floc’h is personally involved in all projects we take on. He looks forward to discussing further with you in order to fully understand your business and your needs.





FLOC’H ( 福乐)先生,澳大利亚和法国银行家,现居北京,有在金融、风险投资、房地产及企业所有权领域40年的工作经验。其国际业务横跨亚洲、欧洲、中东和澳大利亚地区,但近10年来核心业务主要在中国,现今他已成为许多中国客户的高级合作伙伴或生意合作伙伴。

FLOCH INTERATIONAL业务主要在促进商业合作,合并和收购,联盟和企业融资等方面,并与一系列集团合作伙伴、EPC承包商、房地产代理商、开发公司、“HNW”投资商、对冲基金、私募股权基金、商业银行有合作关系以及商业来往。

FLOCH INTERNATIONAL长期致力于为中国和国际投资者提供有趣的项目机会,因此我们希望能与寻求经由我们获得外资的知名组织形成战略联盟关系。









透明、信任、诚信和谨慎是我们经营业务的关键。福洛克先生将亲自参与我们所有承担的项目。为充分了解您的业务及需求,FLOC’H ( 福乐)先生期待和您进行进一步的讨论。请直接联系他:

+86 13521999548